It’s been just over a month since A1 Business Forums merged with the KashFlow Forums to create the KashFlow Business Forums.

We’ve since tidied up the forums a bit to reduce the number of different sections and use human-friendly forum names instead of search-engine friendly names. This should make it much more welcoming to humans (although perhaps less so to search engine spiders – ho hum)

In the past month we’ve had hundreds of new business owners join the conversation.

You can read the introductions from those who weren’t too shy to say hello in the Intros section.

Farming, not Hunting!

If you join the forums (or any forum for that matter) hoping to get new customers then there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

If other forum members see you constantly and blatantly promoting yourself and not adding anything else of value to the community then they’ll have no respect for you, you’ll soon get frustrated that you’re not getting any business and no one wins.

However, if you take time to engage with others, to ask questions and to help where you can then you’ll quickly become part of the thriving community and as a result people will refer business to you and use your services themselves.

Recent Discussions

Below is a small selection of the recent discussions that have been going on.

What Would You Spend Your Last Tenner On?
Bill Gates is quoted as saying that if he had $10 left, he’s spend it on PR.
Probably a story put out by the PR industry! But if you were down to your last few pounds – what would you spend it on?

Advice on approaching Groups and Organisations
Adrienne runs weight-loss workshops and promotes them via free talks.She has spoken at her local WI, but has no idea how to approach groups or organisations who may be interested in her talk.

Domain name advice – .biz? .org?
New member Masquerade2010 needs to buy a domain for a new business venture. What domain extension is better (from an SEO and a usability angle) – .biz? .org? Does it even matter?

Verified by Visa – Ruins Conversion?
Adding the “Verified by Visa” or “3D Secure” process to your payment page shifts liability for fraud from you to the customer. But does it have a negative i impact on conversions?

Corporation Tax Advice?
Member HappyDays wants to know if instead of claiming expenses through the PAYE P111D where would these instead be accounted for on the CT600 Company – Short Tax Return? If so, would they come under ‘Qualifying expenditure on machinery and plant on other assets’?

Chip in where you can or feel free to start your own discussion on any business related topic.

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