It seems we have a new product integrated with KashFlow virtually every day.

The latest is easywebstore, a hosted ecommerce platform. To incentivise our existing customers to take up their software they are offering a 50% reduction on their setup cost.

And of course we want existing easywebstore customers to become KashFlow customers so we’ve also arranged an attractive offer for them.

This type of cross marketing works brilliantly for small companies like ours that don’t have huge marketing budgets to play with. There’s a fairly small time cost to get the products integrated via our API but other than that, there’s virtually no cost to either party. Certainly we’re not paying easywebstore to promote us, nor are they paying us to promote them.

It also makes both products more attractive. Potential easywebstore customers are now more likely to buy if they see it can do most if the accounting work for them. And likewise potential KashFlow customers may be more likely to buy if they see that they can also get an integrated (and discounted) ecommerce system.

Sure, sometimes it may not work as well as expected and the number of new customers picked up from the arrangement is relatively low. But no money has been wasted so it’s not a big deal.

Other times it can go the other way and end up generating many more cross-sales than expected. I’m sure the guys at WorkflowMax wont mind me telling you they were kept busy for days dealing with the huge influx of KashFlow customers who wanted to use their excellent project management software.

So you wont be surprised when I tell you we have loads more integration announcements on the horizon. Watch this space!

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