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We’re constantly improving our accounting software based on feedback from our customers.

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Recent Changes

Listed below are some of the changes, improvements and additions we’ve made recently.


We’re happy to announce that KashFlow will be proceeding with deployment of VAT MOSS functionality tomorrow 30th December 2014. This deployment will happen in the very early morning, and therefore KashFlow and the API will be unavailable between the hours of 3am – 7.30am. This deployment will also include a high number…

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We’re introducing changes to the SOAP API that will be getting deployed early tomorrow, 30th December 2014. This will result in the application and API being unavailable between the hours of 3am – 7.30-am. These changes introduce optional fields to support new VAT MOSS functionality within KashFlow and should not…

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Automatic Bank Feeds – Phase 2 Launched

We’re happy to announce that the next phase of bank feeds functionality has been completed and is live within KashFlow. The release of Bank Feeds Phase 2 now allows you to assign imported payments to unpaid invoices or purchases, update existing payments with imported details, and crucially create new invoicestest…

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Automatic Bank Feeds

We’re extremely happy to announce that automatic bank feeds is now available in KashFlow. We’ve been hard at work over the last few months turning this much requested feature into a reality and it is something we wanted to ensure would meet expectations. After being acquired by IRIS last Octobertest…

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Unified Bank Reconciliation

We’re happy to announce that new unified bank reconciliation is now available on the new KashFlow user interface. Unified bank reconciliation replaces the ‘split screen’ view and is designed to make reconciliation quicker and easier. The split reconciliation method was one of our most requested features to change as it…

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As part of continued re-engineering work we’ve now launched our redeveloped dashboard page. The dashboard replaces the previous overview page. All admin users of the new application can access the new dashboard by logging into their KashFlow accounts. Additional users cannot access this page, similarly users of the classic application…

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Coming Soon – Dashboard

As part of continued re-engineering work, we will shortly be deploying a new version of the overview page as pictured below. The new overview page has now become Dashboard and contains all the elements of our current overview page but now with a cleaner, modern and more functional design. This…

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Email Bounce Notifications

As part of ongoing improvements to KashFlow, we’ve now introduced email bounce notifications in the system. This now means that users will now receive an email notification when an email cannot be delivered due to an error. We will notify in the following scenarios (where the recipients mail server notified us…

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API Change – Customer & Supplier Codes

Due to continued re-engineering of KashFlow, we have now introduced a validation within the application to prevent special characters (i.e. @,#$ – and spaces) from being used in customer and supplier codes only. A small amount of existing users that have these codes present have been asked to change them via…

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Batch Payments Changes

As part of continued efforts to re-engineer KashFlow, we’ve now introduced new batch payments screens for purchase batch payments, and editing of existing invoice and purchase batch payments. The specific changes apply to; Edit and Delete of Invoice batch payment Create, Edit and Delete of Purchase batch payment Print and Email of…

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CardStream Payment Processor Change

Due to changes implemented by CardStream to their integration API, a preshared key is now mandatory when using CardStream as a payment processor. We have implemented the required changes to KashFlow in order to maintain support for the payment processor. This change is applicable to existing users as well as new users. Users…

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Purchases Changes

As part of continued development, we’re happy to announce our latest changes have been deployed. Our latest update to new KashFlow primarily focuses on Purchases which is now fully transitioned to use JavaScript technology and is consistent with Quotes & Invoices. We’ve also made numerous enhancements throughout the application and…

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Orbit Accounts becomes IRIS KashFlow Connect

We’re happy to announce our software for accountants and bookkeepers, previously known as Orbit Accounts, has transitioned to align itself with the IRIS brand and become IRIS KashFlow Connect. IRIS KashFlow Connect is a suite that allows bookkeepers and accountants to manage, control, and report on their clients KashFlow accounts…

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Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus Service

As Barclay’s have changed their online payments service (ePDQ), we have made the appropriate changes within KashFlow to support this new service, known as Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus. This service is now available within KashFlow by going to Settings > Card Options > Setting the processor to Barclays ePDQ Extra…

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Delivery Address on Invoice

In an effort to continually improve KashFlow and due to strong demand and feedback on this feature on the KashFlow Suggestion Centre we’ve now deployed a change that will allows you to display a customer’s delivery address on their invoice PDF, whereas before the delivery address would only show on…

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Sage Importer Changes

Due to development requirements of the new KashFlow user interface with support for additional users and more (details are available at http://www.kashflow.com/akademy/kb/kashflow-new-user-interface-multi-user-beta/), we’ve had to introduce some changes to our Sage Importer. These changes aren’t applicable to any imports done until now and are only relevant for any imports from…

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Change to Email Backups Delivery Time

In an effort to increase the efficiency and reliability of our email backups, we’re going to be making some changes to delivery date of some users backups. Currently, you can enable email backups by going to Settings > Email Backups and by selecting a day of the month to receive…

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API Change – Customer Related Changes

Due to continued improvements to KashFlow, developers and consumers of the KashFlow SOAP API should be aware of some changes we’re making to customer related fields. The following validation changes will be made live October 15th 2013, consumers of the API should make any required changes before this date. Methods…

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Minor Changes

As part of ongoing development and as a result of great feedback and ideas that have been posted on the KashFlow Suggestion Centre we’ve introduced some changes to KashFlow; Opening Balance on Statements – One of our most popular requests, customer and supplier statements now include an opening balance and…

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Stripe Payment Processor

We’re happy to announce that our Stripe integration is now out of beta and fully live! Stripe is a payment processor that allows you take instantly take card payments online for a simple flat fee of 2.4% + 20p + VAT per successful charge. There’s no setup fees, no monthly feestest…

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API Change – GetReceipts with Paging

As part of further improvements to our API and to ensure quicker and more efficient results for all API consumers we will shortly be introducing a new method for fetching receipts along with paging parameters (GetReceiptsWithPaging). Please be aware that this paging method will be introduced on August 1st 2013 and so we…

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New SOAP API function – GetProductsWithSubProducts

As part of our objective to enhance the functionality of our API, we’ve introduced a new scalable function to get a list of nominal codes that include a list of products (within your sales types) and sub-outgoing types (within your outgoing types). Full details on this new method are available on the…

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Product Code Changes

As part of continued improvements to KashFlow we’re making some changes to the product code field, for both products and sub-outgoing types. What is changing? Previously, the product code field was not required and you were free to leave this blank or enter in any code including duplicates. As of…

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A New Form For Sending Emails

As we’ve continued to add more and more features to the software, some inconsistencies inevitably get introduced. A perfect example of this were the pages where you send emails (invoices, remittance advice, reminder letters, etc). They all varied a little. Some used the Email Template system, some didn’t. Some allowed…

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