Add Ons - CRM

The CRM applications below integrate with KashFlow to share data.

Typically you would use a CRM product to manage your sales activity and once an opportunity becomes a sale the customer and sale information is automatically copied from the CRM into your accounts within KashFlow.

These are products provided by other companies. We’re usually not able to support or provide further information on these products.
We strive to work with companies that are as friendly as us. So so do get in touch with the software povider if you have any questions .

  • emCysLogo


    Em-Cys is a smart email integration that automates the accounting related actions you need to take as a business [...]

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  • workbooks


    You can integrate KashFlow with Workbooks.com to import leads that have turned into customers and automatically generate customer records [...]

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  • salesforce


    Integrating KashFlow with Salesforce allows you to synchronise all of your CRM data with your accounts and keep track [...]

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  • infusionsoft


    Infusionsoft is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform, incorporating CRM, e-commerce and email marketing, built for small business ownerstest [...]

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  • highrisehq


    Highrise is a simple CRM system that allows users to keep track of customer information, notes and emails. Importing [...]

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  • batchbook


    Batchbook is a social CRM system that allows users to track communications with customers and identify potential brand advocatestest [...]

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  • 24sevenoffice-logo


    24sevenOffice is a web-based Business System available on a Pay-as-you-Go basis with no lock-ins or long term commitments, just [...]

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  • zcrm-logo


    zCRM is a CRM designed to be easy to use for small businesses that want a simple way of [...]

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  • reallysimplesystems-logo

    Really Simple Systems

    Really Simple CRM system combines Sales, Marketing and Customer Service & Support into one easy-to-use yet powerful solution. Small [...]

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  • intouch-logo

    InTouch CRM

    InTouch is an integrated CRM and Communications system designed for SME’s. Store customer contacts (which are fully linked to [...]

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  • capsule-logo


    Capsule is a web-based CRM for better managing your relationships with leads, customers, suppliers and other contacts you do [...]

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