24sevenOffice is a web-based Business System available on a Pay-as-you-Go basis with no lock-ins or long term commitments, just like KashFlow. 24SevenOffice is easy to get started and easy to use. Why not give the 14-day free trial a go now by following the link?

24SevenOffice offers a simple way to help you run your business and manage your customer relationships in one place:

  • Manage leads and sales opportunities. You have a full contact and trading history. For example, you can easily generate target lists for your next email campaigns.
  • Manage ongoing projects, time sheets, stock control and sales order processing. You can invite external participants to join, with access to all the related plans and documents.
  • Manage communication. 24SevenOffice easily links all email communication and relevant documents to your customers. You and your team are always up to date with the latest details.
  • Manage your accounts more easily. For example, sales Invoices can be e-mailed or printed as they are being transferred to KashFlow for accounting.
  • Reporting. Who buys? How much? How often?
  • Expand your opportunities. 24SevenOffice is also integrated to Magento giving you a total ecommerce solution. Products, product descriptions and stock availability are uploaded to Magento, while customer details and orders are downloaded and automatically inputted into 24SevenOffice for further processing.

Try 24SevenOffice here: www.24sevenOffice.co.uk/uk/integrations/KashFlow/

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