Capsule is a web-based CRM for better managing your relationships with leads, customers, suppliers and other contacts you do business with. It’s easy to use so you can get started quickly and without complex set-up or training. Like KashFlow, Capsule is a pay-as-you-go service, so there’s no long term lock-in and just one easy monthly fee while you use the service.


The best way to see if it fits the bill for your business is to take their offer of a 30 day free trial. Here’s a summary of how Capsule extends KashFlow:

Keep track of your contacts and their history such as conversations you had with them, emails, documents and other files you have shared with them

Manage your sales opportunities by recording them in Capsule and keeping track of progress. The sales dashboard includes sales forecasts, statistics and activities to help monitor the health of your business and stay on top of sales opportunities.

Better manage customer service requests by creating cases to record the request, actions, progress and outcome.

Make sure things get done by creating tasks and sharing them with co-workers.

Create lists of customers and opportunities with powerful search filters.

If required, it’s easy to customise Capsule by adding your own custom fields and tags to categorise contacts.

By integrating Capsule with KashFlow you get the bigger picture about each customer with history, sales opportunities and invoice information summarised in a single screen. From this customer dashboard you can click through to more detailed information such as progress on sales opportunities, or invoice statuses.

Click here to find out more about the Capsule integration.

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