Really Simple Systems

Really Simple CRM system combines Sales, Marketing and Customer Service & Support into one easy-to-use yet powerful solution. Small businesses and startups can start with our Free or Starter Editions, larger businesses can use our Premium or Enterprise Editions.

Features include:

  • Keep track of all your customers and prospects
  • Make sure that leads always get followed up
  • Manage your business with sales pipeline reports
  • Automatically capture emails to and from your contacts
  • Built-in Email Marketing to send newsletters and campaigns
  • Capture leads from your web site

Really Simple Systems integrates seamlessly with KashFlow without the need for any additional cost or gateways, and all information is shown in real time. See account balance, overdue and sales to date numbers from KashFlow in your CRM system. Create customers, quotes and invoices in KashFlow with just the click of a button. Click straight through to a customer’s account from the CRM.

With 7,000 users, Really Simple Systems is the largest UK provider of Cloud CRM.

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