zCRM is a CRM designed to be easy to use for small businesses that want a simple way of keeping a record of leads, contacts, communications and potential deals.It has been designed so that users of KashFlow can easily import contacts to allow the synchronisation of contact data.


  • Unlimited contacts, leads, deals, users and tasks.
  • Contact management with Twitter & Skype support.
  • Sync contact details with KashFlow.
  • View invoices sent with KashFlow and their payment status.
  • Manage potential leads and track communications.
  • Account management.
  • Link contacts with companies.
  • Task list – assign tasks.
  • Notes – make notes about contacts.
  • Deals – create deals, add details and mark as won or lost.
  • Contact search with auto-suggestions.
  • Latest Twitter Updates for contacts.
  • Gravatar support for contact photographs.
  • Automatic Google Maps for contact addresses.

Try it Today

You can try zCRM for free for two months – visit zcrm.co.uk to get started.

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