When it comes to running a business, many owners and managers will likely agree that productivity is linked to the ease in which different business functions can be streamlined.

It’s not always achievable, however, and many small business owners in particular find themselves needing to somehow juggle being a jack-of-all trades to keep on top of things, while still trying to do the ‘thing’ that made them start their own business in the first place. Add what is often a time consuming nightmare of doing the books into the mix, and it’s not a very appealing situation. Xube

So it’s great to hear how KashFlow’s simple and effective accounting and bookkeeping software is helping so many of our customers achieve better productivity and see success, by giving them streamlined, easy-to-use and time-saving accounting solutions. Such as KashFlow customer Xube.

Xube is a London based film and video production company with over 12 years of experience producing high quality film and video material such as promotional videos, short films and more. Run by a producer-director duo, the company already has an excellent reputation with a wide range of clients from the business, education, local government and charity sectors.

The company began making films for Becta (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) in 2002 and JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) in 2004. They have since gone on to win many prestigious education, training and corporate contracts including projects with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and TELRP (The Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme).

How has KashFlow helped?

Xube Director Richard Woolfenden says that the most important benefit of using KashFlow has been the amount of time the software has saved him; time that is better spent concentrating on other critical elements of the business. Tweet this

“KashFlow has lessened the time I have to spend on accounts and for several years I have been able to pay the VAT to HMRC directly through the software which suits me fine. Anyone who runs a small business will appreciate anything that helps with productivity. We don’t have hundreds of employees; we’re all multi-taskers. KashFlow allows me to concentrate more on project management and marketing which is just what I need.”

Thanks Xube and good luck!


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