Prince's TrustBack in June I was on stage with when he announced his donation of £500k to the Prince’s Trust. It got me thinking about how I could also give something back.

I’ve written before about how the Prince’s Trust helped me to start in business when noone else would. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude – and if  KashFlow is helping you run your business then you do too.

It simply wouldn’t exist without the work that the Prince’s Trust do.

An Announcement

That’s why I’m really pleased that today we’re announcing a national partnership with the Prince’s Trust that will help to fund and support many other people that were in the same situation I was.

The mechanics of the deal are pretty straight forward: Existing and new businesses on the Enterprise Programme will be given KashFlow for free for 3 months. After which they can subscribe at a heavily reduced rate for the next year.

Giving Back

So it’s clear how we benefit – we get new customers. And it’s clear how the businesses benefit from free and discounted software. But how does this help the Prince’s Trust to support more businesses?

Well, we’ll be donating back to the trust 35% of all revenue that is generated from this partnership on an ongoing basis. The total donated over the next couple of years could quite easily beat the figure donated (competitive? me?).

Additionally we’ll be covering all marketing costs so that the cash we donate can help as many new businesses as possible.

A Virtuous Circle

There is of course significant benefit in this partnership for us here at KashFlow. I see it as very much a virtuous circle – the more successful we are the more cash that goes to the Trust, which in turn creates more potential customers for us and more money for the Trust… and so it continues. Enlightened self-interest at work again.

Are you a Prince’s Trust supported business?

Any business that is going through or has gone through the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme can benefit from this discount. If you’re one of these businesses and you’re not already using KashFlow then contact your mentor or regional Trust office for details.

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