KashFlow customer Mike Searle Photography says our software is helping him win business thanks to the way we make his accounting admin much easier to manage. Less time doing the books and manually creating quotes and invoices, means more time to focus on success.

Reducing the burden that admin can pile on small businesses is something that owners, managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers all hope for.

But for many, everything involved in growing their businesses comes hand in hand with a growing admin pile. New customers, suppliers, higher demand, more stock and so on, all adds to the dreaded bookkeeping molehill that left to its own devices, turns too quickly into a mountain.

KashFlow customers however can grow their businesses with confidence, thanks to our software making their accounting much easier. Plus, because KashFlow is packed with time-saving, efficiency-driving features, our customers can achieve real control over their business finances.

Take our customer Mike Searle Photography, who says that KashFlow helps him plan for a more successful future and helps him win more business.mikesearle

Mike Searle has over 20 years’ experience as a photographer, a profession worlds away from his PR career in London years ago. As a keen casual photographer since boyhood, it was surfing and the love of Cornwall that opened the way for his photography to become a business.

Back in 1991, after moving from the big smoke to the less job abundant shores of Kernow, Mike and friends started a bodyboarding magazine and in the years that followed, the magazine saw success and so did Mike as a surf photographer. Mike and the magazine team went on to form their own publication house, and for a while, Mike honed his photography skills while travelling to amazing surf locations around the world.

All this was foundation setting for an event that would push Mike into his own photography business. A couple of years ago, he found himself working on the publication of a cookbook about a surfing couple who opened cafe in Ireland. The Surf Cafe Cookbook was a huge success and in 2013 Mike struck out on his own as a food, interiors and commercial photographer. 2014 also saw him add weddings to his portfolio.

How has KashFlow helped?

Mike says that KashFlow’s range of features, particularly the easy quotes and invoicing capabilities, means he has more time to devote to being creative (what he loves) instead of being stuck doing admin.

“I love the way quotes can be created and converted to invoices: I don’t have to retype a whole load of information twice. Providing access to my accountant helps me when I am preparing my year-end, the pile of paperwork is much smaller! Providing snapshots of my financial information helps me see how I am doing and plan for cash-flow problems. The ability to create quotes quickly and easily has helped me win business.”

Thanks Mike Searle Photography and good luck!


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