Windows / MacThe first thing I do when I first log in to Windows XP is right click the “Start” button go to Properties and set it to Classic mode. It’s what I like, it’s what I’m used to.

So when I recently had a play with Windows 7 it was the first thing I looked for. The option wasn’t there. And rightly so. The Microsoft guy I was talking to convinced me I need to embrace all the new changes and the new way of working with the operating system.

Considering I’ve clung on to a lot of the ways of doing things from Windows NT and ignored lots of the new stuff in XP, it’s quite a big change for me to adapt to Windows 7 what is fundamentally an entirely different OS.

So I’d decided I do indeed need to make a conscious effort to learn to use a new OS.

I ordered a lovely new Dell laptop with solid state drives and Windows 7. After numerous changes to the delivery date and unreturned phonecalls I’ve now given up and cancelled the order.

I asked on Twitter for recommendations for a similar laptop with solid state drives and got deluged with the usual “buy a mac!” responses.

I know lots of people who have moved over from PC to Macs and not regretted it. In fact, I’m not aware of anyone that has done it and regretted it. What has put me off in the past is the big change in how you work with the OS.

But as I’d already made the decision to make the step change from XP to Windows 7, the step straight from XP to the Mac OS looked less daunting than it had.

So I warned everyone in the office that I was going to Regent Street and when I got back I’d look much cooler as I would be a Mac user.

I returned an hour later, no cooler but slightly damper thanks to the great weather. The Mac store doesn’t have the Mac book Pro in store with solid state drives.

So I’m now going to order it online (although perhaps wait until January in case it saves a couple of quid).

I wonder if others, faced with a similar big change in their OS will also consider moving to a Mac?

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