Any small business owner knows that effective management (whether it’s time management, financial management, project management and more) comes to down to how easily and efficiently these different tasks can be streamlined.

Cloud software solutions have made this all more achievable than before, giving owners and managers much more control over how their businesses are performing.

This is particularly true for KashFlow customers whose business is focused on managing many different projects at once, with our accounting software giving them easy-to-use, effective tools to make their different management and invoicing tasks more efficient. Wilcox

Such as customer WilcoxBurchmore, which says that KashFlow has helped them to stay on top of their accounting, while still having all the necessary tools to stay in better control of their project management.

WilcoxBurchmore is a Ruislip based commercial kitchen design and installation business that specialises in taking previously unloved spaces, and turning them into a truly desirable place for people to meet and eat. Led by Company Directors Cathy Wilcox and Michael Burchmore, who have worked in the catering industry for many years, the business is based on a real passion for seeing how a cleverly designed space can add to the enjoyment of food.

The WilcoxBurchmore background means there is genuine understanding of what catering staff need in terms of a smart, clean and efficient workplace. But more than just about creating a food-creator’s ultimate workspace, the company also appreciates that office workers (and even school pupils) can benefit from a space created for them to enjoy.

The company typically works with schools and educational establishments as well as offices that provide dining facilities for their employees. Offering a hands on, professional standard of excellence from design to installation, Wilcox Burchmore brings a unique and all round new level of appreciation for making commercial catering spaces special.

How has KashFlow helped?

Company Director Cathy Wilcox says that careful project management is key for her business, and KashFlow accounting software has given them much better control over fundamental elements, such as quotes and invoicing.

“KashFlow is easy to use and navigate around, and correcting errors is straightforward which makes for better project management. The number of reports that KashFlow can produce means that we have a monthly ‘dashboard’ of key information. This makes it a cinch to track different aspects of our business, ensuring that we’re on top of all the crucial figures and can flag anything that needs dealing with quickly.”

Thanks WilcoxBurchmore and good luck!


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