Whether you’re a brand new business or an industry stalwart – you need to take your marketing online.

Why? Well, here’s six big reasons, in no particular order:

Your online presence is permanent

You won’t always be sat at a stall in a Trade Fair. The advert you’re running won’t run endlessly. But your website, once it’s up, can stay there forever.

This is a great way to maintain a point of contact with potential customers. If they’re thinking about you (maybe they read something that made them think of your business, maybe it was the twinkle in your eye…) then they can look you up at any time.

Even a simple page with a bit of a bio and a contact form is enough to start a conversation – which could turn into a sales lead.

It’s a great way to stay in touch

Similar to the above point – online marketing is a great way to keep a conversation running. Whether it’s chatting directly through social media or updating your followers with press releases and informative blogs – being online means you’re talking. And people love to talk.

Online marketing gives you the chance to offer customer care, project yourself as a valid voice in your chosen industry and engage your target audience. That all comes together to create a lively online persona for your brand, which is useful because…

People search before they buy

81% of people will do some online research before they buy. That includes researching your competitors. If you’re not online, they’ll be finding your customers but not you. And that simply will not do.

Another stat: 77% of people read reviews online before they buy. If your interactions leave people thinking highly of your brand online, they’re more likely to leave a positive review, which’ll lead others to take a chance on buying from you.

Online marketing can widen your target audience

Almost everyone is online. If you’re marketing online, you can legitimately sell to them. You don’t need a local outlet – you just need to be found on the internet. There’s a few ways to do this, and they’re included in our free guide.

You can choose your cost

You can invest as little or as much time and money as you want. Need to tighten the budget? There’s no minimum spend, because the price isn’t dictated by the publication (think, going rates for newspaper ads). Just work out how much you want to spend, and find the best way to spend it.

It’s a growing channel

Worldwide, there are 3.7 billion internet users and Google alone gets 100 billion searches a month. As efforts are made to get the whole world online, this audience will only continue to grow – and so will the competition. Adopting an online strategy now still gives you a chance to get ahead and carve your niche.

Want to get going online? We’ve made it easy for you and written a full, free guide on everything from what to expect from your web developer to embracing email.

Download your free guide to “online marketing tips for your small business” here.

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