Starting a small business, and investing time and money into it (not to mention sweat and tears) is probably not worth much unless there is the customer response needed to help make the business thrive.

The catch-22 of a growing customer base however is the additional hassle involved in keeping things in line, especially the finances. Hours can be spent keeping track of invoices and payments, and unless you have the software to lend a helping hand, you could find yourself drowning in spreadsheets and receipts. And just think of all the time wasted on the bookkeeping that could be used on growing a business more! we are tea

Which is why KashFlow’s simple and effective accounting software is loved by many of our own customers, who have reaped the rewards of the easy invoicing and multiple other time-saving and intuitive solutions that a KashFlow account features. Such as the award winning We Are Tea, who use KashFlow as a key tool in the financial and customer management side of their business.

We Are Tea is a rapidly growing, independent tea business based in London. Founded by husband and wife team Spence and Suzy, the business was inspired by a visit to a Hungarian tea shop, and a dream to bring the concept and extensive menu style to the tea-loving UK market. They were determined to bring something different to the often complex, niche world of specialty tea and since first launching their tea shop in 2007, they have made a serious mark on the industry.

In the midst of the London barista revolution, where so much attention has been focused on coffee, Spence and Suzy have made tea the star attraction, and We Are Tea is now stocked in some of the most prestigious restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, retailers, spas, garden centres and offices by contract caterers such as Ocado, Whole Foods Market and Virgin Active. They are also a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and have won over 40 awards for their tea range.

How has KashFlow helped?

We Are Tea says that KashFlow is key for a number of reasons, not the least of them being that they can create customer invoices much faster. Faster invoicing means faster responses to the orders they receive by phone and email, and faster responses means more orders can be processed

“We use KashFlow on an everyday basis to process our orders, manage our invoices, analyse our income and make an inventory of the wide array of teas we supply our customers with. As a small company, Kashflow is a key tool in our business.” Tweet this

Thanks We Are Tea and good luck!


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