APIWith KashFlow, you have one set of log-in credentials that log you in to the system and give you full access to everything. It’s not currently possible to have sub-users with defined permissions (ie, only create invoices). This suits the vast majority of our customers.

But inevitably some do want this extra functionality. We may well add ourselves it at some point in the future when demand increases.

One KashFlow customer that couldn’t wait for us to add it ourselves was Atlas CS.

Rather than just develop an application based on our API  for their own internal use they decided to create something that would cover their needs and also be available to all other KashFlow customers.

The application is now available to anyone that wants to use it via www.kashguard.com. You can create as many sub-users as you like and you can be very specific about the permissions you give them. If you only want one sub-user then it wont cost you a penny – for additional users they will charge you £2.99 per month.

Amazingly, KashGuard already has a competitor in the form of workTasks. workTasks provides very similar functionality to KashGuard and is available to try for free for 2 weeks.  It costs £9/month after the trial and lets you create up to 50 sub-users. They’re running an intro offer so the first 100 customers receive a discount (for life) on the monthly subscription bringing it down to just £5 a month.

Also today we’ve just listed another item on our Add-ons page. VPASP is a very popular ecommerce system, one that is used by GoldFigure, another enterprising KashFlow user. The guys at GoldFigure have just release “VPASP Synch for KashFlow”, a tool that synchronises your VPASP store with your account. Click here for more information on this tool.

There are now around 20 applications/tools developed by third-parties listed on our Add-ons pageand I know of at least a dozen more in development – including two more payroll applications. Having a free and powerful accounting API is a wonderful thing!

Seeing existing applications integrate with KashFlow is great, but what I really love is seeing whole new products that are built purely off the back of our API. I hope both KashGuard and workTasks do well from their efforts.

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