Having a good reputation is key for small businesses focused on seeing real growth, and like most elements of starting out on your own, it’s something that needs time and effort.

There are many ways to add professionalism to a growing business to help build that ever-important good reputation. Unfortunately, as most business owners and managers will know, there’s not nearly as much time available to dedicate to professionalising your brand as you’d like.

This is especially true if you spend a good chunk of your time balancing books, doing manual quotes and invoicing, and the other necessary accounting related tasks that most SMEs dread.

It’s why we designed KashFlow software to be as simple and powerful as possible: simple for business owners to effortlessly do their accounting, invoicing and more, while empowering them with tools to increase their professionalism and build a good reputation.Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 14.27.36

Take it from our customer Ubertechs Ltd, a Lancaster based business that credits KashFlow’s easy-to-use, feature backed accounting software with giving them a professional edge, as well as the financial control needed to keep growing the business.

Ubertechs Ltd is an Apple Authorised Service Provider, offering repair services and sales of Apple products to customers in the North West of the UK. The company has a 10 year history and an already excellent reputation for top quality customer service, which includes onsite visits (even at home visits) at times that suit their clients.

Ubertechs was founded by IT professional Mike Dent who has over twenty five years experience working in the industry, including a decade as the Chief Technician at Lancaster University. His vast experience, that combined with his team’s adds to over forty years, means Ubertechs’ customers can be guaranteed in-depth understanding, knowledge and support.

How has KashFlow helped?

Ubertechs founder Dent says his company used to battle with complicated, desktop accounting offerings that made business even more complicated. But since being suggested he try KashFlow software, things have turned around.

“We are now able to work on our accounts from anywhere and on any computer. Gone are the days where I used to have to wait until I got back to the PC with Sage on. Now I have great flexibility to produce invoices, file accounts etc wherever I am! KashFlow allows us to produce beautiful and professional looking invoices and Purchase Orders, something which was no where near as easy in our previous accounts program. Our accountant can quickly login to the special accountants access of KashFlow and check on any questions we might have for them. We can easily see the financial overview/dashboard which shows us our current cash flow and sales growth at a glance. Access from mobile devices, iPad etc is really handy too.”

Thanks Ubertechs and good luck!


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