The KashFlow customer case study blog series has shown many things about how our customers are benefitting from using our software. But something that stands out is that our we really are helping our customers gain better control over their businesses.

Whether its because of the extra time they are saving with our simple, effective accounting solutions, or the range of extensive reports that can be used to steer their businesses towards success, our customers credit KashFlow with helping in their growth.

Total SEO & Marketing is one such business that has seen a real difference since using KashFlow to take care of their accounting needs. Being so much more than just your average accounting software, means Total SEO has used KashFlow to really develop other parts of the business too.totalseo

Total SEO was started back in 2005 with just two members of staff and an ambition to lead the way in helping websites achieve high rankings online. Since then they have managed to make their mark in this competitive field, achieving page one positions for numerous websites and businesses in different industries thanks to their high impact search engine optimisation campaigns.

The company prides itself on their ability to really understand the industries of their various clients, matching this understanding with competitor analysis and total needs evaluation. They aim to ensure that they are optimising keywords that will make a real difference to their clients, to bring more website traffic, leads, enquiries, conversions and sales.

Total SEO, which is an official Google Partner, also offer a range of SEO related service (such as Pay Per Click advertising, Email Marketing, Website Design and Content Writing for SEO) and offer all of these services either as individual online marketing campaigns or as part of an SEO campaign package.

How has KashFlow helped?

Total SEO & Marketing’s Simon Chapple says that as the company grew, so did their accounting needs. He adds that KashFlow software not only eliminated the time-consuming spreadsheet battle, but it also helped them grow the business.

“KashFlow has helped us free up more time, refine our process, improve cashflow and make informed business decisions based around the various reports. KashFlow helps our business grow by allowing us to easily analyse data and make decisions based on the reports and statistics. It has also enabled us to free up the time of key people who were previously bogged down due to our long winded accounting processes.”

Thanks Total SEO and good luck!


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