TimingPass through London Bridge mainline station during any evening rush hour and you’ll see someone from one of the shops there trying to get you to take a free sample of their food. Not once have I ever seen anyone stop and take anything.

It’s hardly surprising as everyone is rushing to get to a seat on their train and get home to EastEnders/their family/the cat as quickly as possible.

I’m guessing at some point the shop will give up and decide giving out free samples (or trying to) just doesn’t work.

But how different would it be if they tried giving out free samples in the morning when people are coming off the trains and heading in to work?

I actually wrote this blog entry last night at about 8pm. But there was no point me publishing it at this time as I know it’ll get many more views if I publish it during the working day and tweet about it then rather than in the evening.

Timing really matters.

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