As our customer base as grown substantially this year, and continues to do so every month, so does the demand on our support team.

I needed a way to be able to closely monitor the current state of support without having to continuously log in to the support system.

So what we came up with is the Support Dashboard. This is displayed on a big LCD screen perched on top of a filing cabinet that’s visible from everywhere in the office. Visitors to the office always comment on it.


A green light means all is well.
An amber light means someone has been waiting for a reply to their support ticket for more than 30 minutes.
A red light means someone has been waiting more than an hour – if it ever goes red then it’s all hands on deck until it’s green again.

As you can see in the photo, it’s currently green. But when it goes amber or red it lists the ticket subject line, how long the customer has been waiting and who (if anyone) the ticket is assigned to.

For those that care about these things – the support ticket system is eSupport from Kayako and the dashboard was magic’d up by Tim using SQL Server Reporting Services. The choice of the Comic Sans font was also Tim’s. So please aim flames in his direction, not mine.

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