One of the issues that the small business owners we frequently speak to ALL have in common, is a lack of time. Time to do more marketing, networking, strategising, growing, and time to do what they they set out to do in the first place – run their own businesses.

Which is why a key part of the KashFlow philosophy is saving time for businesses, so they can get on with what they do best.

So we’re really happy that so many of our customers have told us that our time-saving, simple and effective software is helping them achieve growth.CuillinCollective

Take, for example, The Cuillin Collective, a media company based on The Isle of Skye in Scotland, with a growing, global client base.

Owned and operated by husband and wife team Marc and Alisa Smith, The Cuillin Collective (named after the mountain range that surrounds the Smith’s home and business) specialises in explanation videos, video editing, web & logo design and illustration, to name a few of their expanse of services.

A key market for the company is startups and fellow growing businesses, who need to communicate effectively with new customers. The Cuillin Collective’s range of services, particularly the explainer videos they specialise in, gives startups and other businesses a ‘leg-up’ in attracting customers. They even design packages specifically for startup companies.

How has KashFlow helped?

The Cuillin Collective’s Marc Smith knows how difficult running a business can be. But he says that KashFlow’s time-saving and easy-to-use software has helped take the pressure off managing the accounts.

“If you are spending a lot of time on the accounts, you are not actually earning any money. Using KashFlow helps my business grow by making my accounts easier so I can spend more time doing the fun things, like animating, building websites and enjoying wine Friday’s. If you ask any business what they need more of, the answer will more often than not be time. This is why it makes sense to use Kashflow.”

Thanks The Cuillin Collective, and good luck!


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