Having a clear understanding of how all elements of your business are performing is critical for plotting future growth, and yet gaining access to easy-to-understand, in-depth data can sometimes be difficult.

The root of this pitfall for many small business owners is their lack of accounting knowledge and experience, with their financials being balanced using spreadsheets alone or handed to third parties to makes sense of.

So it’s no wonder that one of the reasons why KashFlow is loved by its tens of thousands of small business customers, is the ability our accounting software gives them to take real financial control.

creative gridTake customer The Creative Grid, who say that KashFlow has not only given them the ability to make sounds accounting decisions, but also helped give them more insight into their performance and growth.

The Creative Grid is a video production company with significant global reach, thanks to an international team of professionals responsible for creating exciting, award winning video content for an array of businesses. The company has production offices in Athens, Barcelona, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Rio De Janeiro, and with such an extensive global network, its clients can be guaranteed an exceptional, results driven, high quality approach to video storytelling.

The groups works with companies across the UK in all sectors to showcase their work, give customer testimonials and help them market better online. Another benefit of their global reach is ability to offer an international service, meaning they can cover client events anywhere in the world without having to fly a crew in, and all at a reasonable cost. Their top quality content has seen them being praised for the success of numerous campaigns, including KashFlow’s own recent video series.

How has KashFlow helped?

Ralph Cochrane, the Founder of The Creative Grid and the executive producer in London, says KashFlow has helped them stay on track in a year that has seen them achieve significant growth.

“We’ve just completed our first financial year with KashFlow and it’s given me so much more insight into how my business is doing. Our revenue grew substantially during 2014 and I shudder to think how I used to manage things using an Excel spreadsheet. It’s also been interesting to see just how quickly our accountants, Zoosme, are able to pull together our accounts allowing me to sleep a little more soundly at night knowing everything is covered.”

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