tenthings.meOn Friday night I got a peek at a new, yet-to-be-launched, social site – tenthings.me.

The concept is incredibly simple.

1) Log in to it via FaceBook,
2) and then “share (up to) ten things about yourself that your friends and co-workers might not know.”

Currently there are just 24 people who have registered (I’m there at #13, lucky me) and not all have yet posted any of their 10 things.

But I can see how this could very easily go viral and end up with tens of thousands of users in a very short space of time.

If I’m right, then it just goes to show you don’t need a complicated idea to build a popular site.

The question though, is how do you monetise it?

(non-disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in the site at all)

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