Approaching a centuries-old industry from a 21st century angle requires 21st century technology.

That’s why cutting edge recruitment app TalentRocket and the team behind it are using KashFlow to save time, generate income and grow their business.

At KashFlow, we’re regularly tweaking, updating and expanding our product to make managing your books as straightforward and helpful as possible, maximising the money and time you save.

So when we see an exciting, new company benefitting from one of our latest features – KashFlow Payments – you can imagine our delight. Not just because the feature has made an immediate impression, but because it’s led to genuine, tangible improvements in the professional and financial well-being of one of our users – specifically, TalentRocket.

tr-logo-text-400x300TalentRocket is an online platform disrupting the traditional recruitment model by enabling companies to promote their company culture and build a talent pool of future employees (so they don’t have to use expensive agencies and job boards). They also help individuals grow their career network and alert them when their favourite companies are hiring.

Like us, TalentRocket are especially dedicated to providing startups and SMEs with the tools they need to mix it up with their large-scale counterparts by offering innovative, intelligent technology that levels the playing field.

The startup sector in the UK is a hotbed of talent and inspiration, and now one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Not only are TalentRocket a part of it this boom, they’re geared towards nurturing it, too.

We recently caught up with co-founder Christopher Platts to find out more about what they do and how KashFlow has helped them so far…

Was KashFlow the first accountancy software package you used?

No, we started out on free trials with other software.

What were you using before and what made you switch?

We’d used FreeAgent and Xero but the primary objective for us was to find an accountancy system that integrated with GoCardless. Having researched the market, KashFlow’s integration was the best available. [KashFlow] Payments was the primary reason for switching.

What are the benefits of integrating your payments with KashFlow?

We simply create one recurring invoice for our new customers and it automatically sends the Direct Debit request, the monthly invoice and reconciles the payments back into KashFlow – which is going to save us hours of admin work in the future.

How has using Payments solved the problems you’ve faced?

Using KashFlow Payments not only helps us achieve our current goals in terms of efficient and effective invoicing, it also opens our options for other payment methods. Now we know how simple integration is, we’ll be looking to offer other payment options in the future, confident that they won’t cause a big drain on our limited resources.

How much time and money have you saved through using Payments per month?

The savings will be huge, and will only get bigger. My expectation is that within 18 months to 2 years, KashFlow will be saving us a whole person compared with individually invoicing and reconciling. In a company of only a handful of staff, that’s massive. That’s one more person that we can employ to build value in the business.

How are you using this time/money now?

We’re using the extra time to focus on raising investment, developing our product and growing our customer base.

We’d like to thank the TalentRocket team for their time and wish them every success in the future.

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