We’ve written quite a lot recently about how our time saving, simple, effective software has helped so many business owners spend less time doing accounting and more time running their businesses, allowing them to grow and reap the rewards of success.

In fact, among our wide range of customers (from shoe designers to software designers, and chocolate creators to custom website creators) the key thing they have in common is having more time to achieve success thanks to KashFlow software.StrategiQ

The same can be said of another happy customer, StrategiQ Marketing, a fast growing consultancy company that provides a full range of innovative and creative digital marketing strategies and solutions. The company stands out for recognising that marketing success is the culmination of hard work and ‘daring’, or as they put it: “Excellence comes from daring more than others think is sensible and delivering more than others think is possible.”

The business was formed because of frustration its founders felt within the marketing industry, and the empathy they had with the many business owners they spoke to. StrategiQ was born of a desire to supply intelligent marketing strategies across different media platforms, ensuring customers saw real value from their marketing investments.

How has KashFlow helped?

StrategiQ’s Sarah Smith says choosing KashFlow’s smart and effective software was “the right decision” for the rapidly growing company, because it gives them full access to their cash flow figures, while still being intuitive enough to allow them to get on with their growth.

“As a start up business we needed to find an accounting system that was easy to use to manage our day to day finances. We have found the software has provided a simple book keeping tool but is also great if we want a more in depth analysis of our accounts. One of the advantages for me is that at a glance I am able to see not only the profitability of our business but also up to date cash flow figures at any time which is essential for a business like ours which is growing so quickly. I can’t help thinking that because KashFlow is so effective it allows me more time to focus on other aspects of the business.”

Thanks StrategiQ and good luck!


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