The traditional role of accountants is rapidly changing, and there is more expectation from both accountants and their clients for the relationship to develop into a more advisory focused and supportive one.

But making this kind of relationship a reality requires a real change in how things are done, and key to that is ensuring that the accounting aspect of the relationship is as hassle free as possible, with less manual data inputting (and receipt shuffling) and more time spent building a closer professional bond.

The IRIS KashFlow Connect Partner Programme is our answer to this accounting relationship conundrum, by giving our accountant partners the tools to develop better working relationships with their clients. A bonus for them is also being able to enjoy better productivity, meaning more time to spend growing their practices.

Our Partner Southgates Certified Chartered Accountants is one such practice seeing success with IRIS KashFlow Connect, by allowing them to develop better client relationships and grow the practice at the same time.Southgates

Southgates Accountants has more than 30 years’ experience, being established back in 1981 on the East Yorkshire coast. With an ethos cemented in offering more than just a simple accounting service, Southgates prides itself on achieving the best for their clients across a range of services, including Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Business and Personal Tax, and more.

Their reputation has been built on the service they offer, which, combined with their extensive professional knowledge, has resulted in a loyal client base that is guaranteed a high quality, personal financial service.

The team are also registered as Auditors and Approved Training Practice by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), dealing with the audit of multi-million turnover companies and complex group structures, as well as sole-traders, partnerships and limited companies. They even cater for the startup market, ready to give support and advice (including funding advice) to people starting their own businesses, making the process as stress free as possible.

How has KashFlow helped?

Southgates Partner Andrew Guy says KashFlow and the Connect Partnership Programme has allowed them to work even closer with their clients. By offering KashFlow’s simple and effective accounting and bookkeeping software to their clients (which as accountant Partners they also have access to), Southgates has been able to remove some of the hassle and stress their clients face. Instead, clients can focus on running their businesses, while Southgates can offer accounting and financial support whenever they need it, with anytime access to their KashFlow accounts.

“The ability for a dual login helps us to support our clients as they work on their bookkeeping and also allows us to provide regular feedback to them. This partnership will help produce more accurate management information for our clients and also improve the quality of records we receive at the year end,” Guy says.

“The ability to instantly login and review KashFlow activity is great as we are able to provide immediate support for any queries or problems our clients may encounter. The excellent support team at KashFlow also ensure any problems can be resolved as quickly as possible.”

The Partner Programme has also helped Southgates achieve success, by offering a dedicated success manager, co-branded marketing materials and more.

“The Partner Programme will also connect us with companies who use KashFlow that are seeking an accountant with experience and knowledge of the software. This is invaluable as we look to grow our own company,” Guy says.

If you want any more information on how to join the KashFlow accountant partner programme, click here.

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