I noticed recently that I didn’t have a Google Alert set up for the word SaaS. Now I have, I’m just about ready to cancel it and replace it with a slightly more refined search phrase.

The amount of new material Google turns up with the keyword SaaS in it each day is overwhelming. There’s only so much of it I can consume, so I prefer to read things related to SaaS in the UK, and for the SME market.

So I was quite pleased whenI found this recent research from Really Simple Systems. RSS is a company we have a lot in common with.  We beat all the disc-based applications at the Software Satisfaction Awards in the Small Business Accounting Software Category.  Really Simple Systems did the same on the same night with their web-based solution in the main Small Business CRM category.

To quote the press release:

From a sample of 678 respondents, the majority from small and medium sized organisations with less than 50 employees, 58 percent report increased confidence in hosted applications over the course of 2008 and 83 percent agree that hosted applications require less internal IT support and maintenance than in-house systems. The survey also revealed that respondents feel as confident about the reliability, speed, data safety, and functionality of SaaS applications as they do with in-house offerings

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