We’re delighted to have been chosen as one of the Smarta 100! But this blog post isn’t just a blatant brag fest – we want to share some of the love. Voting is taking place for one of the hundred to win ten grand…

So yes, we need your votes, but we know what the world’s like these days – people are constantly harping on about this sort of thing. These days Facebook is all ‘sponsor my skydive!’ this and ‘Vote Junior to win Most Handsome Baby in Cheshire’ that. And do you ever get any thanks for voting? Of course not.

Well, we’re not like that. That’s why, should we win the grand prize, we’re planning to host our own competition to give it away again.

If we win the £10,000 prize money  we plan to give away umm…£10,000.

Yup, we’ll hold our own competition to find some great micro-enterprises and award at least five of them a chunk of cash to help them expand.

That’s this much expansion.

In true start-up style, we’ll figure out the ‘how’ later but, for it to even happen, we need your votes first! Click the link below and tap in a few details to vote for us to win the cash.

Vote Here!

If enough of you vote for us, you’ll see another blog post soon announcing how you can get access to our mini startup fund. So do spread the word and get us even more votes.


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