smart sales techniquesWith a full week down in 2017 and 2016 now a distant memory, many small business owners are turning their focus to the big issue that affects every business up and down the country – bringing in revenue.

Many companies will pull their hair out thinking of innovate ways to improve their bottom line however, achieving your sales goals may be easier than you think. Below, we’ve listed three simple ways that you can bring in more sales in 2017.

  1. Set up (a good) shop

Creating an online shop that is easy and intuitive to navigate is the first important step if you want to make the most of sales opportunities this year. Most online shoppers expect to find products quickly and easily, so you should ensure all of your most popular items are properly categorised and clearly listed. Online shoppers also expect a page to load in a matter of seconds or less. Any longer than this then you should expect customers to abandon your site in droves.

  1. Be smart when setting prices

Dramatically reducing the price of old stock while lowering prices across the board should help to draw customers’ attention to the most discounted item. Doing this will drive sales for the older stock whilst simultaneously encouraging customers to buy from your entire product range. A discount on a good product will also work wonders for brand awareness as many customers will automatically promote your company through word of mouth on social media.

  1. Use social media

Social media networks allow your small business to interact with your customers, promote a product or special offer and increase brand awareness, and for these reasons should not be ignored.

It also presents a great opportunity to show your customer base that you are an approachable trustworthy company, qualities that many customers value in a brand.

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