run-payrollAt KashFlow we know your time’s at a premium. We’re always developing the software with your busy needs in mind, so you can do things like send payslips from a party or invoice from an igloo, should you have the inclination!

With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce our new batch processing feature within KashFlow Payroll which lets you pay all your employees, in one company, with one simple click. Painless payroll is finally here – Result!

Fast and simple this new functionality lets you process and undo payslips in batch. Not only that, you will also be able to work in a different area of the software whilst the batch process is running.

Once the payslips have been generated KashFlow Payroll will automatically approve all the payslips, leaving you to finalise the payroll period. Did we mention the process was speedy? 5 to 7 seconds on average in fact (or more depending on the number of employees).

Bear in mind – if you are new to KashFlow Payroll, then for the first period you are required to enter in the payslip item and select/deselect the employee’s which you wish to batch process going forward. Only repeated payslip items can be used in automation too, meaning that payslip items such as ‘hourly wage’ will require manual entry.

KashFlow Payroll is HMRC accredited payroll software that processes your company’s pay, sends employees’ payslips and automatically files your RTI submissions online, on time.

The software will take care of statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay as well as student loans, attachment of earnings orders and many more.

KashFlow Payroll also keeps you fully compliant with the workplace pension’s Automatic Enrolment legislation. When your business comes towards its staging date, KashFlow Payroll will automatically assess your employees, enrol your eligible employees into a qualifying scheme and calculate employee and employer contributions.

And if all that has yet to impress you then just consider the fact that KashFlow Payroll does all of the above whilst seamlessly integrating with KashFlow’s cloud-based accounting software – meaning you can access your payroll anytime, anywhere! For a free no-obligation 1-2-1 demo just call the KashFlow on boarding team on  0844 815 5779.


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