Starting up a business, no matter what it is and no matter your background, is an incredibly demanding, stressful time, and as a result, the need for an effective accounting solution often gets overlooked.

Anything that helps saves time and makes running a business easier is great. But it’s the combined benefits of software like KashFlow that really pay out dividends, especially for growing businesses.

Take for example, a business newcomer who says that KashFlow accounting software has reduced their admin burden, saved them extra time, and allowed them to remain ‘agile’ as they grow.salt[1] is an SEO marketing firm based in Leeds that started up just a few months ago, by three former digital marketing agency employees. The team boasts a combined total of over 20 years in organic search marketing and development, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of search engines, algorithms, code and software.

The agency is still finding its feet as an independent competitor in the SEO marketing sector, but their aim is clear: To provide a big brand experience without the big price tag.

How has KashFlow helped?

SALT co-founder Martin Woods says that, like most startups, they were unsure about the finer details of running a business, especially the accounting side of things, so they originally used what they were comfortable with: Excel. It didn’t take long however for them to realise that spreadsheets were not going to be good enough.

“The problem we had was that we were looking for a solution which would ideally integrate with our existing project management software and time tracking. The other main issue that we were looking at was bank integration. Thankfully the helpful support team at KashFlow told us that bank feeds were on the way very soon. Literally the week our initial trial was due to expire the bank feed functionality was launched and the rest is history.”

Adds Woods:

“We can now literally see our cash flow, thus allowing us to be adopt an agile approach to quoting, budgeting and forecasting. The time saving features allow us to spend less time worrying about ‘the book’, and more time doing what we actually (and importantly) want to do; consultancy and building software. We’ve only been in business for a couple of months, but already because of the agile way we can now run a business we are growing, without any significant increase in time spent doing admin!”

Thanks SALT and good luck!

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