SagepayIt seems SagePay have been having some technical problems over the past day or so and the problems are ongoing and varied.

If you run a traditional ecommerce website and use SagePay (formerly ProTX) as your payment gateway then potential customers will have been getting to your checkout page, have problems paying and quickly run off to your competitors.

It’s bad enough when problems like this last an hour or two – but 26 hours and counting? I’d be livid!

We moved from SagePay when Sage bought them a while ago – we didn’t want a competitor knowing all of our financials and we also found their support to be less than satisfactory.

We move to IridiumCorp and haven’t looked back since. Their API was great to work with, the support has been top-notch and they even got us a new merchant account that is saving us thousands every year on transaction fees.

Iridium are capitalising on the growing disattisfaction with SagePay and making it easy to move to them. They’ll essentially give you free service for the remainder of your contract with Sage. So you don’t need to worry about waiting until your Sage contract ends.

Enquire now to see what they can do for you – do ask them to look at your merchant account fees too as they could save you money there.

Update:  We’ve been affected by this too now. Our VOIP provider uses SagePay, our account ran out of credit and due to the SagePay problems they didn’t automatically top-up our account. So no one in the office could make any calls – including the sales people. Serves me right for being so smug!

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