Firstly, yes, the rumours are true: St. Nick uses KashFlow. In fact, he’s referred so many elves to us over the years (joiners and arts & craft freelancers, for the most part) that we pay him. More on referrals, and how you can benefit from them, at the bottom of the page.


So. The Christmas and New Year break has finally passed, leaving a trail of mental and physical wreckage in its wake and triggering a chorus of boos and yays – boos, as we return to normality and come to terms with the minimum two-hole increase in belt size; yays, as we finally acknowledge the white flags our livers and arteries have been waving since December 24th.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already rifled through your calendar and pencilled this year’s festive dates into the holiday diary. Maybe you’ve even decided to activate a digital countdown (admit it, you have…we all have…) and, with that final act of acceptance, you’re now ready to move on and contemplate what 2016 may hold.


That’s right, 2016. Twenty. Sixteen. Remember when the millennium seemed like some far-off, sci-fi destination where the-people-of-the-future resided? (Most of the intrepid 18-21 year old entrepreneurs reading this probably can’t, but for those of us who can, consider this: half the newborns from the year 2000 are about to complete their GCSEs.)

Turns out that the distant future is in fact just around the corner. It’s next year, next month, next week; it’s tomorrow – pulling us towards a world we’ve barely planned for and bestowing us with things we could never have conceived.

Okay, hoverboards now exist. Back to the Future conceived of those. What about the inconceivable?

Head transplants.

Cloud computing.

Driverless (yet still, sadly, flightless) cars.


The Large Hadron Collider.

Bruce Forsyth’s secret elixir of eternal life.

All things that are, or will soon be, considered the norm. The future is here, it’s now, and it’s always arriving, every second of every day…but what of your future?

Fresh starts and resolutions

We’re sure many of you have trudged valiantly through six long days of Dry January, waiting impatiently for an invite to a get-together important enough for you to “make an exception”.

From a business perspective, now’s a perfect time to look back on what you achieved professionally in 2015 and think about where you want your business to be this time next year.

With KashFlow, reporting on your previous twelve months and planning ahead from within your personal account is simple.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with forecasting app GearShift, you can easily identify areas in need of improvement before they become problematic. You can then test potential ‘what if?’ scenarios to predict how they may impact your business going forward and, once you’ve formulated a plan, track your financial progress, reviewing and updating it as time progresses to ensure you’re achieving your goals. Try it out here.

A Brucie Bonus from us to you

We’re always keen to do our bit for our users at this critical time of the year, so we’re adding 3 free months’ worth of KashFlow to your subscription whenever you refer a friend.

All they need to do is enter your Referral Code in the ‘Promo Code’ box when they sign up and once their subscription is activated we’ll add 3 extra months to yours – it’s as easy as that!

In addition, you’ll get 10% commission per month for as long as they use KashFlow, and the more friends you refer, the more complementary months you’ll be awarded. Plus, if your referrals subscribe to the business + payroll package, we’ll give them £1.50 off their subscription for 6 months.

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Finally, a Happy New Year to everyone,

We hope this is your best one yet, and we’re privileged to be along for the ride!

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