QuickBooksI got lucky at the end of 2008 and got the chance to announce Sages entry to the UK SaaS accounting software market before they did. the luck continued with finding some serious security flaws that forced them to withdraw the product a month after launch.

Their new SaaS product which I’m dubbing “Son of SageLive” is due to be released in a matter of weeks. As I predicted, it’s a “back to the drawing board” jobbie, the problems with SageLive were too fundamental to be fixed.

So with one industry heavy weight about to enter the market, it seems another is close on their heels. Intuit have had an online version of QuickBooks available in the US for sometime, but it looks like they’re now about to launch in the UK.

Witness the following Tweets:

MadelineMcQueen – Found a great business online accounting tool https://www.kashflow.com/
(9:13 PM Apr 19th)

shaawasmund – @MadelineMcQueen you want to check out Quickbooks – by far the best. We tested everything.
(9:26 AM Apr 20th)

MadelineMcQueen – @shaawasmund Quickbooks on-line is not available in the UK, which is what we really need, it is in the US but no plans for release here.
(10:44 AM Apr 20th)

shaawasmund – @MadelineMcQueen watch this space … honestly I know far more than what you read!
(11:14 AM Apr 20th)

Shaa Wasmund is a very well respected entrepreneur and founder of Smarta. If she says she knows something, she knows something.

But just to be certain that she is privvy to inside information:

DuaneJackson @shaawasmund KashFlow and Smarta should be working together
(13:00 PM Apr 22nd)

shaawasmund @DuaneJackson hear good things about you … However we’re already hooked up with Intuit who are an awesome partner too.
(13:09 PM Apr 22nd)

So there you have it. Not quite as conclusive as seeing the actual product, but I’ll buy a hat and eat it if we don’t see a UK launch of QuickBooks online this year.

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