onesaasDo you use any of the services or products listed below? We’ll soon be releasing a new service that connects all of them to your KashFlow account. But before we do, we want to get a few of you using it to try it out and see what we can improve before making it available to everyone

If you want to try it out, you need to request to join our Google Group for Beta Testers. And once your membership has been approved (we’ll do it as quickly as we can) you need to read the instructions here.

As this is a very new feature, the support team aren’t able to deal with enquiries about it yet. If you have questions/feedback then you should post them to the Google Group.

The service is provided by – an amazing system that shuffles data (contacts, invoices,. etc) between many different cloud-based services.

This is totally free to use at the moment, but there will later be an additional monthly charge to use the service. Don’t be put off by the pricing on the OneSaas website – we’ve negotiated a deal so we can pass it on to you at a much lower cost.

I’m actually on vacation for 2 weeks as from Friday, but the guys at OneSaaS are monitoring the group and should be able to chip in where required.

Otherwise, have a good play with it over the next couple of weeks and I’ll look forward to reading all of the feedback on my return


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