The UK’s cloud revolution has been speeding ahead and for business owners, it has been a case of keeping up, trying to stay ahead, or fighting to not get left behind.

Like it or not, cloud based software solutions are making running a business ‘smarter’ with clever features that help streamline company functionality, while allowing business owners easy, anytime access to their company data.

So why shouldn’t bookkeeping and accounting be the same? We here at KashFlow believe that making the accounting side of any company much simpler, will free up owners to get on with doing what they do best. Being cloud based is just one part of doing this.FW_LOGO_copy_SQUARE

Our customer FLETCHERWILSON Ltd knows firsthand how critical it is to not only stay on top of the finances at any point, but also have cloud solutions, and they admit they’ve “never looked back” since trying KashFlow.

FLETCHERWILSON is an East London based film production company that specialises in providing high-end promotional films for corporations, including some big name clients like KPMG, the NHS, Ogilvy, McMillan Publishing, and even Facebook!

The company prides itself on having an “unusually good” understanding of all levels of the production process, from client needs to the creative output. This understanding means they are better placed to provide the best solutions for their clients, resulting in top-quality moving-image content that excels.

How has KashFlow helped?

FLETCHERWILSON Director & Company Director Rob Fletcher says the fact that KashFlow’s easy-to-use and simple software is cloud based, means it has been an ideal solution for his agile company.

“We’ve been early adopters of cloud based solutions because it gives us much more flexibility to work and communicate wherever we might be based. Up until we moved to KashFlow around 2 years ago, all of our critical back office systems were cloud based apart from our accounting software which at the time was feeling antiquated and restrictive. We knew that cloud based software was the way forward and so started to research effective cloud based accounting packages and this was the point that we discovered KashFlow. We shortlisted a number of other cloud based packages, however we had a specific requirement to be able to determine expenditure and revenue on a project by project basis, something which many other cloud based accounting packages weren’t able to do. At this point we began trialing KashFlow software and we can honestly say we’ve never looked back.”

Thanks FLETCHERWILSON and good luck!


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