New improved KashFlowAt KashFlow, we love hearing your feedback – both good and bad. Sharing your experience of KashFlow, warts and all, means that we get a clearer picture of what matters most to your business and how we can help give you that much-needed leg-up.

It’s been our pleasure listening to and using your suggestions to enhance your KashFlow. Listed below are some of the features we’re proud to say we’ve implemented recently, based on your valuable feedback.

Better cash flow management

Do you find it difficult keeping track of who’s paid you or who hasn’t? Well, now you can keep on top of your cash flow just by checking your emails. You can now receive an email when one of your customers has paid you. Every time a customer settles a bill using the Pay Online button at the bottom of their invoice, you will immediately receive an email notification, telling you who has paid you and how much. To use this feature simply visit ‘Email Options’ within your KashFlow where you’ll find it under Settings.

More reporting insight

Love nothing more than drilling deep into data to understand how your business is performing? Then you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve added some brand spanking new reports. There’s a new report to show unreconciled bank transactions and as well as one that shows you a complete list of all your quotes. Just go to ‘General Reports’ to access these new reporting features.

Other improvements

We’ve also made a few other small tweaks that we think you should know about. Some of you said that you’d prefer not to see all of your archived customers every time you search for customers and suppliers, so we’ve removed this function from your software.

We’ve also given you a quick way of adding new products to your KashFlow account, directly from your invoice or quote, plus, we’ve made finding the product you wish to include easier by enhancing our search functionality.

KashFlow users are now able to insert a new product from an invoice using a ‘quick find’ button. And so that you can find a product with less fuss you can now search for a product using partial text instead of the full description.

Got any other suggestions to improve your software? Don’t be shy. Feel free to share any of your ideas, big or small on KashFlow Canvass.

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