KashFlow is all about helping and supporting businesses manage their finances, with effective, affordable and simple bookkeeping and accounting solutions (and much more!).

But that’s not where our help ends!

As well as offering 24/7 UK based, dedicated, award winning support, we are also playing a role in helping our customers achieve real growth, and by “real growth”, we mean actually helping some of our customers grow their own client base.Mattched IT

Such as customer Mattched IT Ltd, a web design and software development company that says KashFlow is ‘invaluable’ for their future.

Mattched IT specialises in ‘bespoke’ software development, API integration and business process automation. The once two-man run team has grown since it began in 2006 and is now a “collective” of highly dedicated and skilled professionals who each bring a complementary set of technical and creative skills to the table.

The business offers its clients a wide range of projects including their own eCommerce and CMS frameworks and a range of client websites and applications. By bringing in different individuals with different strengths, and offering a friendly and efficient service, Mattched IT offers more than just the usual.

How has KashFlow helped?

Mattched IT Director Matt Chatterley says that KashFlow’s intuitive software, with great features like repeat invoicing and various reports, has greatly reduced the amount of administration they undertake every week.

“Using some of the reports available in KashFlow, we’ve been able to build and implement a new business planning process which allows us to evaluate our performance in the previous quarter against set targets – and has helped us to start making in-roads into rectifying one of our key problems, namely that we are too reliant upon a small number of large customers. This sort of analysis is going to be invaluable in setting us up for the future!”

An added bonus has been KashFlow’s own powerful API and the desire of so many of our other customers to integrate with us. This in itself has opened up the doors for Mattched IT to grow it’s own client base.

“Being developers with a long history in both working with and building APIs, we’ve taken on a number of pieces of work to perform custom integrations for our clients, for instance pulling data from their Amazon Marketplace accounts into KashFlow, or linking it up with their e-commerce websites.”

Great stuff Mattched IT! Thanks and good luck.


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