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Barnes & Scott Chartered Accountants

Moving payroll onto the cloud may seem a daunting process to many accountancy practices and payroll bureaux across the UK, but with the number of early adopters soaring, more and more professionals are considering a switch to cloud payroll this April in order to stay ahead.

BarnesOne such practice was Barnes & Scott, who began using cloud payroll software in April 2014 in the form of KashFlow Payroll.

Having outsourced their payroll services for a number of years and with experience of desktop systems, the switch to KashFlow Payroll has been a beneficial one for Tasnim Mustafa (left), Lead Partner at Barnes & Scott and his payroll team.

“The team mainly use PC computers, but I myself use a Mac and found that I was unable to use normal systems like Moneysoft and others.”

“A huge benefit to myself of KashFlow Payroll is that it can be accessed on a browser. We previously outsourced our payroll but are now looking to bring all of our clients onto KashFlow Payroll come April.”

“We previously outsourced our payroll but are now looking to bring all of our clients onto KashFlow Payroll come April”

Despite using a number of cloud bookkeeping applications, Barnes & Scott chose to use KashFlow Payroll for their tech-savvy clients over other cloud offerings due to the simplicity and features that the system can offer.

“The system is easy to use, looks nice and features such as employee self-service offer not only a great selling point but something that very few others have.”

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Barnes & Scott work predominantly with technology and digital companies and are based in Central London, offering cutting edge, intuitive advice to a new breed of clients.

“We understand the importance of sharing information with clients and explaining what matters. We use cloud-based collaborative tools to ensure we are always updated and on hand to advise on day-to-day issues and pride ourselves on being easily accessible to our clients”.

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