Running your own business can be an incredibly, rewarding, stressful, complicated process that more often than not includes a steep learning curve, especially when learning about the aspects of running a business you have little to no experience in.

It’s not surprising then that bookkeeping and accounting so frequently presents as major challenges faced by the self-employed, because it’s not a common experience many people have when they set out on their own. It’s a challenge that left to its own devices can consume more time than small business owners have for this critical task.

At KashFlow, we understand how difficult it can be, and it’s the reason why we designed our accounting software to be as simple, easy-to-use and effective as possible, giving our customers more time to do what they do best.Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 16.19.02

Take our customer Shash Hira, for example, who says that KashFlow is an essential part of his day-to-day, because it makes running his business so much easier.

Shash Hira is a professional voice over artist and voice actor whose career was the result of a chance audition that happened while working as a graphic designer. He started out in what would become his dream job providing voices and sound effects for an anime series made in England, and he enjoyed the process so much that he decided to make a permanent career change.

Fast forward to the present, and Shash not only has his own studio, but also boasts a richly varied and diverse range of experience with everything from characters in TV, radio and online advertising campaigns, animations, audio books and video games, to factual reads and narrations for audio tour guides, educational material, or corporate and phone services. His skills also include being able to perform different accents, across a range of ages for a number of different voice types.

How has KashFlow helped?

Shash say that KashFlow has made managing the all important financial side of his dream job so much easier, with critical elements like recording his expenses, creating and issuing invoices, taking payments and balancing the books all simplified with our software.

“This has made it so easy to keep my books in order and now KashFlow is an essential part of my day to day business. Having graphs and records at my fingertips in KashFlow has really helped me to see patterns and strategies that I have implemented, take effect. Also, the ability to customise the look of my invoices has allowed me to make them stand out and memorable. I always use the handy feature of referencing where new clients have found me from, which can be done when adding a new client to your list. This lets me see which resources have been the most effective. Details like this are just another reason for me to keep wanting to use KashFlow.”

Thanks Shash and good luck!


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