Leaders vs ManagersYou have to do what a manager tells you. But you follow a leader because you want to.

A manager has the formal authority to demand obedience.
A leaders power is informal – she stimulates, convinces and inspires people to follow her.

Managers are appointed to a position.
You can not be assigned the role of a leader. “Designated leader” is an oxymoron.

A manager can succeed by playing a role or using a professional persona – a ‘work mask’ if you like.
A leader can only succeed by being totally authentic.

The logical extension of the above is that a manager can switch off at 5.30.
A leader can’t – so being a leader is more emotionally draining/demanding/intensive than just being a manager.

Both management and leadership require skills that can be learned and honed.
But they are two very different roles requiring very different skills. Do not conflate the two.

You can be a manager without being a leader – that’s fine.

But more importantly, you can also be a leader without being a manager.

You are chosen to be a manager.
You can choose to be a leader.

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