Investing in a core business service that does what it says on the metaphorical tin is great. But it’s even better when that service helps make other parts of your business more efficient.

In the age of cloud computing, when integration and simplicity is expected no matter what, there’s an understandable need for integral services to offer up more than just the basics. So why should accounting software be any different?

We here at KashFlow don’t think it should be, which is we we offer a service that not only helps our customers manage their accounting, but also helps them manage other parts of their business too.

It’s why so many of our customers credit KashFlow with aiding them in their journey to success. Such as Krymson Original, a digital firm that has put KashFlow at the heart of their company workflow system. krymson

Krymson Original hails from Kent and offers web design and digital marketing services to small to medium sized businesses across the UK. Their range of services include web design, social media marketing, email marketing and logo design. They even offer a full design to print service with highly competitive pricing and an unrivalled service.

A crucial part of the Krymson Original offering is their customer service and approach to their work. They offer services that are not only professional and results focused, but also friendly and unpretentious. The company also actively encourage their clients to embrace all forms of digital marketing, with the understanding that modern day sales are more about ‘conversation’ than ‘hard sell’.

How has KashFlow helped?

Krymson Original’s John Arthur says that KashFlow has been an integral part of the “complete change” their work process has undergone. He says that the company used to have separate systems for core parts of their business, such as invoicing, payment, payroll and more. But with KashFlow, all of this is efficiently streamlined to the benefit of the company,

“KashFlow has become the heart of our company recording system eradicating the need for separate CRM & workflow systems. We used to work with stand alone systems which were time consuming, costly and often had errors in the data when transferring data from one system to another. KashFlow has streamlined our invoicing and reconciliation releasing time to promote our business. The reports and information held in KashFlow give us the tools to obtain up to date information about our income & expenditure meaning we can highlight shortfalls and issues before they become problematic. We can also offer great customer support and back up with the use of repeat invoicing and e-mail directly from the customers account within KashFlow.”

Thanks Krymson Original and good luck!


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