Growing a business and achieving success is the ultimate goal for any new business owner. But the downside of all this growth is the increasingly complicated amounts of record keeping and admin that accompany this professional success.

Keeping on top of all these records (not to mention the daily bookkeeping needs) can be an overwhelming task, and it’s no surprise that many business owners feel like they don’t have a real grip on their accounts.

It’s another reason why KashFlow customers love our easy-to-use effective accounting software, because they feel less burdened by admin, and more in control of their businesses.keywords

Take Key Words Copywriting Ltd for example, which credits KashFlow with helping them stay on top of the business and the accounts.

Key Words Copywriting was started in 2011 by multi-talented copy pro Michelle Hodgson. Based in London and Huddersfield, the company offers a range of content marketing services, including blogging and other copy focused services, with an aim to deliver excellent content marketing and copywriting that actively help their clients market and sell their products and services.

Director Michelle still heads up this growing company, and boasts 25 years of experience working in the world of copy. Her credentials include previous experience as a Publicity Director in book publishing and a sub-editor and writer for The Guardian and The Independent newspapers. With particular expertise in content marketing, Michelle offers SEO articles, blogging services and website copy, as well as company newsletters, press releases, brochure copy and other copywriting services.

How has KashFlow helped?

Michelle says that KashFlow has been a “revelation” for her, after having limited success using Word documents to try organise her records. Since being recommended KashFlow, Michelle says she has I discovered a whole new world of useful ways to keep track of her business activities, from invoicing and purchases, to charts and graphs.

“It was a complete revelation to me that I could not only keep on top of my accounts and business activities, but actually enjoy doing so. First, it allows me to see at a glance what I have invoiced each month and sends me useful reminders when unpaid invoices become overdue. Rather than sending an email from my own email account, I always feel it looks more professional to email from the KashFlow site.

Second, the charts and graphs give a clear indication of my business activities and spur me on to achieve more and beat previous months. In addition, by showing a breakdown of client accounts, I can see quickly and easily the most profitable customers, as well as where I’m putting too many eggs in one basket. Finally, the banking section is an extremely useful way to organise my accounts, helping me to keep accurate records.”

Thanks Key Word Copywriting and good luck!


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