We’re constantly improving our accounting software based on your feedback.

A very popular feature is the PayPal Import service that takes data from PayPal and converts it into accounting data.

After listening to your thoughts on how we can improve this service we’ve decided to make a few changes…

No Additional Charges

First and foremost, this service is now completely FREE!

Forget about having to pay a premium for hourly imports or settling for the cheaper weekly option.

Now your data is automatically imported throughout the day – and if you’re feeling impatient you can click the “Import Now” button for instant results.

All of your sales, purchases and transfers via PayPal will be brought into KashFlow where, with just a few clicks,  you can convert them into accounting data.

Easier, Faster Setup

One of the areas a lot of people got frustrated with was getting it all set up, so we’ve worked hard to make those vital first steps a lot easier for you.

Our new setup process guides you though a few simple steps so you’ll be importing your data from PayPal in minutes.

So please, check it out and let us know what you think using the comments area below.

Existing users can enable this feature in Settings -> PayPal Imports.

If you’re not yet using KashFlow for your accounting and want to take it for a spin, register here for a free trial.

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