KashFlow prides itself on being affordable, easy to use and effective cloud accounting software, and it’s great to hear that this is exactly how we’re helping our customers grow their businesses.

Gareth Bull - Bulldog Media

Southend-on-Sea based Bulldog Digital Media is just one of our customers seeing company growth, thanks in part to KashFlow and the way our software saves bundles of valuable time.

Bulldog provides cost effective Social Media Management & Digital Marketing to businesses locally within Southend, Essex and throughout the UK, determined to help other companies have a voice in the digital space.

“If a firm is not going forward, they will inevitably be going backwards,” is the Bulldog argument. They promise to work with their own clients to ensure forwards momentum is ongoing, maximising their clients’ online presence at affordable rates, with a service to match.

Bulldog is jumping from success to success and most recently, the business was nominated for the Essex Digital Awards 2014 (a standard of excellence in the county).

So what about KashFlow’s role in this?

Gareth Bull, Bulldog Director (see what he did there?) says KashFlow is “a small business’s dream.”

After being introduced by another KashFlow customer, and trying five other online invoicing solutions, the Bulldog leader decided KashFlow and it’s simple, effective and affordable software was best for his business.

“It helps my business grow by just saving me and my employees time. Simple. The automated Invoice raising and emailing is insane and it can even hook up with the clients direct debit so zero manual work per client!”

Good luck Bulldog!


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