KashFlow’s startup roots mean we really do understand that free time is a luxury that many entrepreneurs rarely have.

It’s why we designed our accounting software to be as simple and effective as possible, allowing our small business customers to save time that can be better spent on growing their businesses.

One such customer who is benefiting from these time savings is Xtensive Web Design, who says KashFlow has become invaluable for the business.Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 14.29.28

Xtensive is an already successful design company that has made a name for itself creating responsive, optimised websites for a variety of businesses. They offer complete web solutions with sites that are not only carefully and strategically designed, but also optimised to get the best ranking positions on Google and other search engines.

Since starting in 2008, the company has grown to include other services too, such as eCommerce, Social Media and Internet Marketing. In 2010, Xtensive partnered with Big Commerce to provide low cost, high quality and fully featured eCommerce solutions. This partnership and partnerships with payment providers has allowed them to create secure, smart and highly successful e-commerce solutions for their clients.

How has KashFlow helped?

Xtensive founder Colin Thomas says that prior to KashFlow, he was spending hours doing manual invoicing for the company. But thanks to our software, and clever automations like repeat billing, these ‘invaluable’ hours are now better spent on running the business.

With KashFlow, I can set up my repeat invoices to automatically send out on the required dates and leave them to run, saving me all those hours. KashFlow has given me more time to do business as it has taken away the huge time wasted on doing manual invoices. It also helps me to chase late payments by giving set reminder letters that I can just click to have sent to late payers. More time to do the business I am good at rather than the book-keeping which I am not good at (but a lot better now) is proving to be a lot better for my business. The time saved on invoicing itself, makes the product a no-brainer for me.”

Thanks Xtensive and good luck!


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