A key thing that small businesses should try do is reduce their admin as much as possible, because less admin means more time to focus on growing.

More growth means more success, but more success also means even more admin. So having those issues sorted early in the life of any business is important.

But it’s not always an easy task to commit to. Admin can be all encompassing for different businesses, and the solutions to controlling one part do not necessarily mean other elements of your business admin will be nicely streamlined. So where do you begin?

For KashFlow customers, our simple, effective, feature packed software has not only helped eliminate some of the hassle that comes with daily bookkeeping and accounting, but it has also significantly cut down the amount of other business related admin they were once faced with. In short, they can get on with what they do best, which is run their businesses.

Vintagebooth, for example, says KashFlow has allowed them to focus on strengthening the core of their business (i.e the service they offer) instead of being burdened by accounts and admin.Vintagephoto

Vintagebooth is a Nottingham based photo booth supplier for countrywide events. What makes them different is that amid the photo booth craze, Vintagebooth offers high quality booth style photography, within an elegant, vintage style camera setting.

Using an antique Victorian mahogany view camera, upcycled into a one-press photo booth, Vintagebooth aims to make the addition of a photo booth to any event (such as weddings and parties) a classy and valued part of the day. They are happy to tailor the setup of their booths to suit the event, and can be contacted to discuss bespoke settings. On top of that, they provide high quality vintage props, unlimited professional, instant prints, a USB stick with all the images, and even a booth attendant to be present throughout.

How has KashFlow helped?

Vintagebooth’s Lee Garland says the rapidly growing company has “zero interest” in chasing accounts and sending payment reminders, and having these elements fully automated in KashFlow, has helped them see more success.

KashFlow has dramatically reduced the accounts and admin burden on us – allowing us to concentrate on making our booths the best they can be. KashFlow has reduced the bottleneck you get from an expanding business. We’ve experienced such incredible growth this past year, I don’t think we could have taken all the bookings we have without automating our accounts. It’s been an actual joy.”

Thanks Vintagebooth and good luck!


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