The KashFlow case studies this year have shown, definitively, that using our software can really help small business owners achieve success, by giving them the valuable time needed to better run their businesses.

Again and again we’ve heard from customers about the hours they used to spend on their business bookkeeping, a task was a complex, hassle-filled experience involving spreadsheets, manual data management and a lot of patience. It’s no wonder that so many businesses felt that they didn’t have the control they wanted over their finances.

But switching to KashFlow has made a huge difference, giving our customers simple and effective solutions to their invoicing, payroll, and overall accounting needs. Plus, the integration of other leading business solutions means our customers can use KashFlow at the heart of how they run their businesses, with a streamlined, cloud based solution.yarncafe

The Yarn Cafe is just one such customer who credits KashFlow with giving them more time to better devote to other parts of the business.

The Yarn Cafe is an online store, providing yarn, needles, bags, patterns and notions such as stitch markers, double pointed needle holders, row counters and pattern markers. The business takes pride on offering a wide selection of luxurious yarns and beautiful patterns from British suppliers and designers, as well as sought for, rarer items.

As a British company they are also proud to support their fellow British business owners, and are keen to support independent dyers and providers of British wool. On top of that, the e-store has a number of exclusive wools and items that have been designed especially for The Yarn Cafe, meaning their customers can benefit from top quality and unique items.

How has KashFlow helped?

The Yarn Cafe’s Tracie Kilbey says she used to use a different, more complex accounting system that saw her spending much of her time doing things manually. But all that has changed since using KashFlow.

“I did use another accounting system, which meant inputting each order and transaction manually. The software was complex and KashFlow is much easier to use and more intuitive. KashFlow integrates well with payment methods like PayPal . I now use KashFlow using my iPad which means that I can keep on top of my accounts more easily and regularly than using software on a computer. It has speeded up the process meaning that I can spend more time on other aspects like advertising.”

Thanks The Yarn Cafe and Good Luck in the New Year!


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