Streamlining the various functions of any business is a key part of achieving real efficiency and, in turn, measurable success. Especially in the age of web-based systems and software, and the added consumer expectation that all applications and systems ‘play nice’ online.

Which is why KashFlow’s easy to use, cloud accounting software is helping so many businesses achieve real growth. Simply put, we’ve made accounting solutions user-friendly and totally ‘integratable’ with other systems, meaning business owners can get on with running their businesses.Intrafocus

Such as our customer Intrafocus, which has depended on KashFlow’s intuitive and easy-to-use software to easily integrate with its preferred applications, helping the company see real growth.

Intrafocus is a business scorecard management software reseller and consultancy group, that aims to provide the very best solutions for issues facing the support systems and processes of other businesses. Essentially, the company provides the best software options for business performance and strategy management.

Intrafocus is in the business of Performance Management and Improvement, and since its inception, the business has spent a lot of time using different software products that offer the best solutions. Although still a relatively ‘new’ company, Intrafocus has been leaping from success to success, establishing a strong international reputation and partnering with major software providers, like CustomerSure (a leading provider of customer satisfaction survey software).

How has KashFlow helped?

Intrafocus Director Clive Keyte says KashFlow’s time-saving, simple software has “oiled the wheels” of his company’s success.

“Prior to using KashFlow we were using one of the more traditional accounting systems. Our end of month cycle was taking a day and sometimes two days to complete. This was not because we didn’t have the right information but simply because the accounting system was so difficult to use. At Intrafocus we are business people and the ‘accounts’ language was foreign to us. With KashFlow that all changed. KashFlow uses a business language and handles all of the ‘accountancy’ stuff in the background. It now takes us less than two hours to complete the end of month run. It is a snap to create quotations and invoices and we can use the system wherever we are, we don’t have to come into the office.”

Thanks Intrafocus and good luck!


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