Happy New Year all! We think a great way to usher in 2015 is with another customer case study. We love hearing from our customers about their businesses and how we’re helping them achieve success, so if you want to feature on the case study blog this year, get in touch!

Business owners are always on the lookout for tools that can save them time and make things easier, because any time saved on the tasks that usually consume hours means more can be spent on growth.

But it can be a struggle for small business owners to find the time needed to dedicate to running their business, especially when it comes to the financial and accounting aspects of what they do. Bookkeeping, invoicing, even tasks like managing payroll can be massive time-vacuums, leaving little wriggle room to focus on other business necessities.

It’s one of the many reasons why KashFlow customers love our simple and effective accounting software, because it really does save huge amounts of time previously spent managing their accounts. Take our customer Digital Fibre, for example, who says that our low cost and easy-to-use software allows them to channel more resources into the business’ growth.digital fibre

Digital Fibre is a Tring based company that has been helping other businesses since 2003, by providing low-cost, cloud-based, simple software solutions for incentives, promotions and employee recognition.

The company specialises in Performance Improvement and Incentives solutions, offering software platforms that their clients can launch and operate at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke development. With a focus on the human touch, the experienced Digital Fibre team also offers a variety of support services to help their clients develop, implement and operate the most effective programmes possible.

How has KashFlow helped?

Digital Fibre Director Adam Sidbury says since the Management buy-out of the business in early 2014, KashFlow has given them real power to manage the company finances, without any need for an accounting background. He says KashFlow has made everything from raising invoices and to controlling expenditure very easy and time-efficient.

“KashFlow helps us grow our business by reducing the amount of time and resource that needs to be spent on company finances. The low cost and easy use of the cloud based service releases time and money that we can devote to growing our business rather than getting bogged down in complex financial systems. Most of the reports we want are available at the touch of a button in real time so we don’t need to manipulate the data in spreadsheets to see it the way we want.”

Thanks Digital Fibre and good luck!


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